Neo is above all else a family affair!

Parents wishing to be grandparents, children old enough to become parents and future grandkids! Still there ?

It is because of our surroundings and 30 years of experience in the textile industry that the idea of NEO products came to us!

Why skin to skin? Easy! Well-being is at the core of today’s concerns and it starts from the earliest age! Doctors, maternity units and childcare units recommend skin to skin from birth, but no wraps combining softness, closeness and natural fibre existed. Premature babies’ parents shared with us the usefulness, even the necessity of such a tool that they’ve sorely missed.

NEO wrap is naturally the continuity and the link to this special relationship between parents and babies thanks to the kangaroo care method.

We care with a special dedication to the manufacturing of this product, we do our best to meet the young parents and their babies expectations.